Bitcoin Gold Mining Pool
Closed until further notice


In the beginning Bitcoin network transactions where secured by individual hobbyist miners. With the introduction of ASIC hardware security, functionality has been disproportionately concentrated into a handful of corporations making it less secure.

Bitcoin Gold blockchain database is going to be secured with Equihash algorithm that is ASIC resistant. Being able to mine bitcoin with conventional GPU hardware ensures Bitcoin Gold network security functions are well distributed across the world.

How to mine

Asia Europe United States
Stratum Port 3032
UsernameYour Bitcoin Gold Address e.g.: G6wivAGnhEgQD4nQkWmfeu2JjTZJQocw8J
Password Anything
We are actively learning about our audience and looking for opportunities for expansion to Russia and Latin America and other key miner strongholds.

Miner software

You will need new BTG bitcoin address that can be obtained from BTG supporting wallet.
Nvidia EWBF Miner
AMD Claymore's Miner
AMD Optiminer Miner Download & configuration guide on Github ./optiminer -zcash -s -u 36wivAGnhEgQD4nQkWmfeu2JjTZJQocw8J.rig1 -p x
Nvidia EWBF Miner Download & configuration guide on ./miner --server --user 36wivAGnhEgQD4nQkWmfeu2JjTZJQocw8J.rig1 --pass x --port 3032 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3